Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Important Matters.

We're applying to become a club.

So, we have vacancies for two Vice-Presidents, as well as a Secretary. Interested? Leave your name down here in the comments. If more than two people want a single post, I'll draw lots. Fair process.

PLEASE PAY YOUR MONEY TO EITHER ALIZA, ZALEHA, LIL GUN, OR ME. It's not fair on the people who've already paid up, because we can't get anything without the full amount. PLEASE pay up by tomorrow. We're not even asking you to part with your money forever. Once our fundraising efforts get into gear, you'll get paid back whatever we earn from those.

What is the exact name of the soundproof room on the first floor? LT3? We need to book it, and use it as our 'venue' in the application form to become a club. And please vote on a convenient day for 'meetings'. I'll take the one with the most votes. We won't even be holding our recording session every week on that particular day, so don't worry. It's more of a formality.

And that's in for now. More info once we get the Toneport and can start recording outside of the cramped Audio Room that completely boils our creative juices.

Also, this is the first song we're going to record.

Check the post below this for Lyrics and lots of other details about this song. We're going to expand on it, splice it up, bastardise it etc etc. Just get to know the basic form. Thank you.



Lyn said...

erm... maybe thursday for the meetings?

Wayne. said...

Er, who are you by the way, Lyn?

Also, most likely we'll have an important general meeting next Tuesday. :)

Lyn said...

Some member that was never present for the meetings lol... Kinda clashes with my schedule... Neway it's okay haha... i'll just be there if i can...
Can't make it on Tuesday too... XD haha... it's okay...

Wayne. said...

Ah. Hello! :)

Lol. Apa ni... Come la