Tuesday, September 30, 2008



Go here. Now. Just do it.

Oh, very well.

Smeex is the new Malaysian music community website. Of sorts. Rather than simply catering for musicians, the website has lots of nifty features that should attract pretty much anyone. It's quite awesome, really. It's still new but there are lots and lots of members, so join us now and check it out for yourself.

  • Free hosting for your music. Plus you can sell them directly from Smeex.
  • Loads of tutorials and articles- plus you can contribute too!
  • Dedicated forums and groups.
  • You get points based on your activities in the site, and these points can be converted to gifts, and even money. Awesome, that.


Click it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CIMP Talent Night

Andrew and I got in. It's going to be on the 15th of October. Not sure whether non-CIMP people are allowed to perform but we'll try to ask. Envisioning a flute intro.

Probably will only get to play one song, so we'll play an uber extended version of Blink 182's I Miss You.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


  1. In case you didn't read the last announcement, we've failed in our bid to become a club thanks to Ken, from the SSD. Go egg his house or something.
  2. Please send in clips of your musical talent. Take a vid of yourself playing whatever musical instrument you can and post in online or something. Then send me the link. It doesn't need to be a 12-minute movie soundtrack orchestral epic. We just want to gauge your talent so the recording process can run more smoothly.
  3. About CIMP's Talent Time- Andrew and I will be going for the auditions, so wish us luck. Won't hurt it you bribe the judges too. :) I jest, I jest. If we manage to get through, we'll ask to play 2 or 3 songs and get as many people as possible involved. We've already got a rough draft of what the full version of our 'I Miss You' by Blink 182 cover will be like. Dual guitar solos, harmonized licks, flute intro, pounding bassline etc etc. P.S.: You're free to audition separately if you like. We can get more spots that way. :)
  4. I've bought the Toneport GX for RM205. Going to buy the Shure SM58 mic + cable + converter this Friday, so please hand in your RM50 donation collection by tomorrow. The mic costs RM350, cable and converter will be about RM70 extra.
  5. If you have a laptop that you want to use for recording, tell me NOW. I'll send you a list of software to get, and you'll have to install Gearbox to use the Toneport, so I'll have to pass you the CD and tell you what to do. Cheers.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Our fundraising efforts, that is.

Tomorrow's meeting will be at G7 at 4pm. I will be passing out the donation cards. Each member has to collect at least RM50 by the end of this week. Don't care how you do it, just get it done. It's simple enough. You can collect RM1 per person, which equates to 50 people spread out over a period of about 5 days. That's only 10 people per day that you need to collect money from. :)

You HAVE to collect RM50 whether or not you're attending tomorrow's meeting (and you really, really should). Here's the 'card'. Download it, cut it in half. I'll be handing out copies tomorrow though.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Annual General Meeting.

Next Tuesday.
Room G7.


Bring anything you want to help you showcase your musical talent. Microphone, guitar, keyboards. Whatever.

And bring some extra members. :) See you there.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Important Matters.

We're applying to become a club.

So, we have vacancies for two Vice-Presidents, as well as a Secretary. Interested? Leave your name down here in the comments. If more than two people want a single post, I'll draw lots. Fair process.

PLEASE PAY YOUR MONEY TO EITHER ALIZA, ZALEHA, LIL GUN, OR ME. It's not fair on the people who've already paid up, because we can't get anything without the full amount. PLEASE pay up by tomorrow. We're not even asking you to part with your money forever. Once our fundraising efforts get into gear, you'll get paid back whatever we earn from those.

What is the exact name of the soundproof room on the first floor? LT3? We need to book it, and use it as our 'venue' in the application form to become a club. And please vote on a convenient day for 'meetings'. I'll take the one with the most votes. We won't even be holding our recording session every week on that particular day, so don't worry. It's more of a formality.

And that's in for now. More info once we get the Toneport and can start recording outside of the cramped Audio Room that completely boils our creative juices.

Also, this is the first song we're going to record.


Check the post below this for Lyrics and lots of other details about this song. We're going to expand on it, splice it up, bastardise it etc etc. Just get to know the basic form. Thank you.